How to Transition Your Wardrobe into Spring

Happy first week of spring! After many inches of snow, multiple blizzards and countless snow days, winter has finally come to an end! I’m so excited for all the spring trends and fashions over the next few months! However, if you live anywhere north of the mid-US, you’ll know that spring fashion is much easier said then done. Let’s just say, the weather forecasts calls for snow again next week here in Toronto, so I am NOT looking forward! Nonetheless, it does not dampen my excitement for spring fashion! These transitional months are always the trickiest, since you want to welcome to the new season but still dress weather appropriate. Here are some tips to inject some major spring vibes into your wardrobe to help you transition into spring!

1.Wear light colored sweaters

This has been my go-to since the start of March. I’ve been leaning towards pastels and spring like colors in my sweater choices. Think pinks, sky blues and lilacs. Pair with white jeans for the perfect spring outfit while staying nice and cozy.

2. Layer with long sleeve dresses

Long sleeve dresses are one of my fave go-to’s during the spring time! It’s a great way to add on some extra layers while embracing spring’s whimsical and overly feminine styles. Spring’s mild temperatures are perfect to throw on a long sleeve dress. Add layers with a jean jacket or lightweight scarf for some extra warmth.

3. Opt for light colored outerwear

Shred off the dark colored frumpy jackets and opt for a bold pop of color. Outerwear is a great way to inject some fun pops of colors while keeping warm when mother nature doesn’t agree. It adds a lot of fun and personality to your outfits. I’ve been loving the neon yellows and muted pinks lately!

4. Try lightweight pastel scarfs or ponchos

Another great way to transition your spring wardrobe is by switching your heavier and darker knit scarves for lightweight scarves or ponchos. It’s a fun alternative way to wear extra layers if you’re super sick of sweaters!

5. Update your spring accessories

Lastly, the easiest way to inject some major spring vibes into your outfits are through accessories! Swap the dark accessories for some pops of colors, textures and patterns that remind you of laying on the beach. Whimsical headbands and hair pins are super trendy this spring and is an affordable way to update your wardrobe. Also try swapping for a straw bag or lightweight footwear!

I hope the above tips are useful! What are some things you do to transition your wardrobe into spring? I’d love to hear in the comments below!



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