The Art of Balance

BUSY. How many times have we heard this word? I have to admit, busy is probably my middle name. We live in a society where “busy” is glamorized and overworking ourselves is a sign of dedication and perseverance. In hindsight, issues such as mental health, burn out and anxiety arise from growing pressure and expectations from ourselves and our lives. We then hover over to our social media platforms to share “our best selves”, sharing lavish experiences, maybe our newest materialistic additions or showcasing only one version of ourselves. Our BEST selves.

Although we all have so many hopes and dreams, I hope it doesn’t come at the cost of us missing out on the present moment or our well-being. Over the past year of trying to “perfect” the balancing act of “having it all”, I’ve come to realize that it’s not realistic. This mindset made me live for the future and not the present. It also made me feel anxious, unsatisfied and impatient with being in the “middle” stage of my life (the stage of progress, saving for the future, living the FOMO life, etc).

I apologize for being somewhat M.I.A lately, but at the same time, I’m not genuinely sorry. I’ve been taking time out to take care of myself and my well being. Balancing a full-time career, graduate school, priorities at home and other things prove to feel like a constant struggle. And these aren’t mentioned to say “Look at me, I’m accomplishing so much”, but in actuality is something I’ve come to accept is my current lifestyle. But the truth is I MUCH rather NOT have this lifestyle. I miss not feeling rushed. I miss not feeling stressed. I miss not having a to-do list sometimes. I don’t even remember the last time I had the luxury of being bored. In my pursuit of wanting to “accomplish” it all, I’ve let myself down. I’ve let my mental health down, my physical health down and my overall well-being down.

“In my pursuit of wanting to “accomplish” it all, I’ve let myself down”

So although I don’t want to let the blogging community down, my readers down, or my friends and family down, the most important person I can’t let down is myself. This may impact my blogging, my hobbies, time with friends or family. Without taking care of our sanity, we then contribute less quality to the life around us. So if that means I’ll be posting less content but higher quality content or hanging out with my friends less but being present and engaged when I see them, then so be it.

We can accomplish anything, but we can’t accomplish everything. I’ve come to learn that it’s about balancing life in a way where you feel contentment and peace. This “combination” will vary from person to person and everyone will have a different perception and opinion on what the “ideal” split is. But, at the end of the day, care for yourself unapologetically.

I’m ending this blog post with a quote read out during my first ever yoga class that really resonated with me. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic in the comments below!

“Who is your life partner? (A) Mom (B) Dad (C) Wife (D) Son (E) Husband (F) Daughter (H) Friends? None. Your real life partner is your body.

Once your body stops responding, no one is with you. You and your body stay together from birth till death. What you do to your body is your responsibility and that will come back to you. The more you care for your body, the more your body will care for you. What you think, what you do to be fit, how you deal with stress, how much rest you give to it will decide how your body is going to respond.

Remember, your body is the only permanent address where you live. Your body is your asset/liability, which no one else can share. Because, you are your life partner. Be fit forever, take care of yourself. Money comes and goes. Relatives and friends are not permanent. Remember, no one can help your body other than you.

Pranayama – for Lungs, Meditation – for Mind, Yoga – for Body, Walking – for Heart, Good Food – for Intestines, Good Thoughts – for Soul, Good Karma – for World.”

– Unknown



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