3 Easy Ways To Reduce Fashion Waste

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having an amazing week so far! There’s a trend of more and more bloggers discussing sustainability in fashion. It’s so interesting because I just did a case study in my MBA strategy course which discusses the growing trend of fast fashion projected in the years to come. More and more consumers are shifting their money towards experiences (restaurants, travel, etc), and less on materialistic goods. As a result, people still want to be well dressed and have turned to fast fashion retailers as a way to still keep up with fashions without having to spend a lot of money. Personally, I love fashion trends and enjoy affordable retailers, however, I also try to do what I can to make less of an environmental impact. I admit, I’m not a hardcore environmental advocate, but I try to make subtle daily changes and be mindful of the impacts of my actions. Below are some tips on how to lessen fashion wastefulness!

1. Choose wisely

This will vary by person, but choose timeless pieces! An item that may be timeless to me may not be timeless to you, but if it’s an item I keep gravitating to and is something I feel fills a gap in my wardrobe, it is likely that I’d plenty of wear from these pieces. Choose items and styles you can picture yourself wearing five to ten years down the road, even when it’s no longer trendy. I also recommend being super picky with every item you choose to add to your closet. To be honest, I return most of the items I purchase, if it’s not EXACTLY how I want it to be. I’ve learned to be more picky over the years, that way I end up with items that are up to a quality and fit that I’m satisfied with. I’m embarrassed to even admit how many “perfect” gray sweaters I’ve gone through for my search for the perfect one!

2. Invest in items you love

Point 1 leads directly to point number two which is to splurge on items you absolutely love! For me, these include luxury handbags, nude and black pumps, jeans and jackets! These are items I wear year round and investing in quality ensures that I keep getting the wear for years to come and don’t need to worry about replacing it every year. If there are items you find yourself having to replace every year, it is worth the investment since you know you’ll get the use out of it. That cost per wear, am I right? 🙂

3. Shop second-hand 

Although I love getting things brand new, I equally enjoy purchasing some items second hand. I buy a lot of my jackets second hand since I can find a lot of beautiful and high quality pieces at a fraction of the price. Furthermore, I can also find unique pieces that are no longer available. You’d be surprised how many “second hand” pieces are still brand new! I once found a brand new Mackage jacket with all tags still attached for less than half of the retail cost!

In this post, I’m wearing this great quality lace camisole from Ethereal. I’ve been holding off on getting a black lace camisole until I find one I’m completely happy with and I’m glad I found this one! This camisole is made from sustainable materials and is locally made. Check out my friend’s store here. This post is not sponsored, I just genuinely love the camisole 🙂


Camisole – ETHEREAL

Cardigan – CLUB MONACO (old) – SIMILAR

Jeans – PARASUCO (old) – SIMILAR


Purse – CHANEL Jumbo Caviar Leather


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