4 Tips for Winter Haircare

Hello lovelies! Is it just me or has autumn already ended? It is so chilly here in Toronto! I can’t leave the house without layering up in a winter coat, scarf and boots. Cold weather also means static hair! I used to struggle so much with static hair during the winter months. I’d spend time perfecting my hair in the morning only for it to be dried out in the brisk cold air, further dried out with the blasts of heaters and then mushed up against wool sweaters, scarves and coats. I end up looking like I touched a static ball! Over the past few years, I’ve learned some tips and tricks on how to combat winter hair. Hope some of these tips can help you too 🙂

1. Hair Masks

To help combat the loss of moisture due to the cold air, I do regular hair masks to help my hair recover from the weather. Hair masks are a great way to replenish moisture into the strands of hair and scalp. Focus on masks with hydration and leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes at least once a week, or as needed.

2. Coconut Oils

I cannot live without hair oils during the winter months! The dry air makes it easy to get split ends or cause coarse weak hair. I put oils on the bottom half of the hair and avoid the scalp area since my hair type gets oily on the top by the second day. For those who have drier scalps, putting oils on the scalp will help nourish the skin. An amazing coconut oil is this one, which is soy based, which means the oil stays in it’s liquid form and doesn’t harden like regular oils 🙂

3. Moisturizing Shampoos

Another great product for when you don’t have time to do a full hair mask, is to use moisturizing shampoos. This ginger shampoo is one of my favorites during the winter months. I don’t have a dry scalp, but this shampoo helps those with dry scalps and hair with it’s hydrating nutrients to help flaky scalps. I like to use this at least 2-3 times a week then use regular shampoos for the other days. It’s a great way to give your hair a moisturizing boost throughout the week to maintain hydration.

4. Hair Oil Sprays & Hair Sheets

My ultimate secret to combating static hair during winter months are hair oil sprays and hair sheets. Every morning I spray a bit of hair oil onto the ends of my hair before stepping out. This helps keep the ends hydrated and the moisture helps to weigh down the hair to keep it from drying out and becoming static flyaway hair. If the hair feels a bit too oily after the spray, don’t be too worried, because once its exposed to cold air, the air will dry out some of the moisture and leave it feeling less oily. You can also lightly blowdry the ends to loosen up the hair after the oil spray.

I hope the above tips are helpful in helping you achieve perfect holiday hairstyles all winter long 🙂



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