Preparing For Back To School

I can’t believe it’s already one year since I started the MBA program! September will always remind me of back to school season and I’m taking this a couple of days off this week to rest up and prepare for school. This summer flew by so quickly, since I had deadline after deadline of non stop things to do. For one, I went to Germany for a work trip while balancing multiple deadlines of a summer course and work deadlines during busy season as well. With deadline season slowly dying down at work, I decided to take two days off for some much needed rest and to organise my priorities for the upcoming semester.

1. Appointments

Fitting in time to run errands during a busy semester could be a big damper! This includes dentist appointments, doctor’s appointments, car maintenance and dog grooming appointments! I like to get all of these out of the way before the semester starts for less interruptions.

2. Plan the upcoming semester

This includes filling out a planner and planning out upcoming deadlines. Planning ahead around a semester can also help to schedule fun time as well! Doing this allows me to know which weeks to schedule social activities!

3. Laundry & Gut Clean The Home

There’s no better feeling than starting a new semester and new season to a newly cleaned home! There’s no nicer feeling than having a clean and tidy home to start a semester off! It makes you feel energised and ready to conquer!

4. Rest up

Last but not least, it’s important to take time to relax and rest before the start of a busy semester. It’s important to get some rest and refuel before crazy deadlines start all over again.


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Shoes – PAYLESS – similar



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