How To Be Happy With Now

Hello beautiful spring! I hope you’re finally here to stay for awhile! It’s time to peel back the heavy layers and wear light colors and breathable fabrics! Another chance to start new, I’ve probably spring cleaned my house twice and prepared the backyard for summer BBQ’s! I’ve recently finished my winter semester and started the spring/summer semester. I’m happy to announce that I’m still on an A streak! Unfortunately I don’t have summer off because it’s a requirement of the program to be enrolled in consecutive semesters (who needs summer anyways right?). On the bright side, I enrolled in a “lighter” course so I can hopefully cruise through the semester.

During the winter semester, I was so unmotivated, uninspired and felt mundane. Although I’m almost halfway through the program, I really let my impatience get the best of me. Also, the cold weather made taking blog photos challenging and made me feel very uninspired for my blog. Overall, I was procrastinating a lot last semester, so I’m pretty surprised I got an A- in my last course! After the course ended and the weather started to warm up a TINY bit, I took some time to reflect about how the semester went. One thing people don’t really talk about in regards to graduate school is how you put your life on hold. I realized it was making me feel frustrated and impatient. As an adult, you’re a lot more aware when your life is in a standstill. Everyone is getting engaged, getting married, having babies, buying properties and travelling the world! Meanwhile, I can’t be as carefree when I’m trying to find ways to graduate debt free and when a big chunk of my financial resources is put towards a large investment. This doesn’t count in the time put into studying and having a plan once school is done.

So what’s my life update? NOTHING. I’m the exact same I’ve been for the past year. Just trying to conquer each semester as it passes by, while trying to stay sane and healthy. And, I’m totally fine with this! I’m learning how to find happiness and joy in the everyday. Whether it’s drinking coffee out of a cute mug, feeling proud of myself for choosing the perfect hardwood floors, or trying out a new restaurant after months of being a hermit. I used to be so wrapped up in living life to the fullest 24/7 and although there’s nothing wrong with having those aspirations, what happens when that’s not where we’re currently at? We then become depressed and unsatisfied with the present and keep watching others portray their action filled lives on social media.

I’ve come to a point where I’m learning to find tranquility in everyday pleasures. These everyday pleasures are a luxury for some who can’t afford it, so I’m learning to be grateful and appreciative of “now” while still working towards my dreams. Sometimes we’re so caught up in everything happening instantaneously that we forget to absorb the journey. As a result, we end up missing some valuable perspectives and life lessons. I can confidently say, I have nothing to update about my life! I’m still working at a job I enjoy, I still enjoy blogging (sometimes) and I’m still taking classes every semester (1.5 years to go!). We shouldn’t feel ashamed in not living this action packed life. It’s the everyday decisions and actions that will eventually bring us where we need to be. So kick back, relax and enjoy the sunshine. I know I will be in my newly decorated backyard (yay to mini milestones)!


Necklace – TIFFANY & CO

Dress – ARITZIA (old)

Shoes – PAYLESS (old)


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