How To Be More Present Everyday

This month has been a whirlwind of a month. From receiving amazing news to receiving heart-breaking news. Life has a funny way of balancing things out sometimes, and I guess things can’t be too amazing all at once. I’ve been busy lately, from taking a week long trip to visit family in the states, studying for final exams, celebrating milestones with loved ones, grieving the loss of a family pet/member and handling the shock of a horrific incident in my very own hometown. All this, as you can imagine, is beyond overwhelming.

Perhaps it comes with experience or a new found perspective, but with every situation that crosses my path, I find myself trying to not overthink and to take everything at face value. I’m learning to fully relish in the good times, find comfort and peace during sadness and to appreciate daily blessings and pleasures. I used to live too much for the future and want to fast forward chunks of my life. Life will “begin” once I finish my MBA, once I’m more financially comfortable, once I get that promotion, once this and that is done. But this mindset caused a lot of anxiety and frustration. I was letting each day pass by mindlessly,  waiting for the “finish line”. With each mindless day came a somberness that blanketed coming days and months as I waited for life to “begin”.

I’m learning to take in each day as it comes and to continually develop and improve myself everyday. It no longer takes a “new years day”, a new month, or a new week to start new again. Everyday is an opportunity. I can’t just fast forward 2-3 years in the future to this successful, healthy, 2.0 version of myself. It takes time, it takes patience, and it takes small daily efforts to make these differences. We all make decisions to either let each day purposelessly pass us by until the “next thing” or we can find joy in everyday and to make decisions that will bring happiness now and into our futures. In the midst living the highs and lows of life, restlessly chasing our dreams, or trying to grapple the recent tragedies, let’s not forget to be grateful and enjoy all the little things in life. Hold loved ones close, let go of unnecessary negativity and enjoy living and being here, everyday.


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