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FINALLY! Hello to the start of barely there Spring weather. It’s slowly finding it’s way to Toronto, trying desperately to fight the chill in our bones and bring some much needed hugs of warmth (hello? It’s practically May!). Yesterday, my boyfriend and I headed to Dear & Fro for some yummy Korean desserts (who am I kidding? I needed content for my blog! 😛 But some desserts doesn’t hurt too…). Felt bittersweet having to wear a sweater while eating ice cream, but I’m just grateful it was sunny yesterday! Dear & Fro is an instagrammable dessert place too cute for words, but most importantly, it’s tasty too! I wish all quaint restos and shops were this cute (but without the hefty price tag…ugh!). However, Dear & Fro is reasonably priced and makes for a great place to chill and enjoy some subtly sweet goodness.


If I were to describe the decor and vibe at Dear & Fro, it’s “millennial”. Picture hipster greenery, gold decor, oak wood benches, marble tables and bold black framed windows. Regardless where you sit, it’s photograph worthy. It’s best known for their green wall with the neon sign “Treat Yo Self”, however I don’t recommend sitting by the neon sign because a lot of people came by to take pictures of it. It has a chill vibe and is a cute and pretty place to hang out with friends and grab some tasty desserts.


The service is limited since it’s almost fully self serve. When you enter, you’re greeted by the front staff, where you’ll grab your own menus and table. When you’re ready to order, you then go to the cashier to order and pay for your food, then given a buzzer to get your food when ready. The food only took 10 minutes to prepare. Depending on how much you order, you’ll need to be careful when carrying your tray, because the trays are a bit small. Other than that, the staff was nice and I had no issues.


I ordered the mango bingsuu and lychee fruit tea. I really enjoyed the mango bingsuu, because it has more flavour than other shaved ice places I’ve been too. This place uses milk shavings which makes the ice more creamy and the fruit toppings and ice cream makes it very tasty. The portions are a tad bit smaller than other shaved ice places, but more than enough for one person, since I shared it with my bf. The lychee fruit tea flavour is very subtle, and a bit flavourless. Kind of tastes like overpriced fruit water. I expected it have a bit more tea flavour or fruit flavour.


I definitely recommend coming here. I plan to come back to try some of the other desserts and the other bingsuu flavours. I’d probably skip the lychee fruit tea and try something else next time. Pretty ambiance, nice service and tasty desserts, what more can you ask for?



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