Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen


Happy family day everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend! Yesterday, my friend and I had brunch at this quaint coffee shop. If I had one word to describe this place, it would be “Instagrammable”! This is my second time here and it’s still as great as I remember it to be!


Everything about this place is hipster. I’m pretty sure this place was created with social media in mind. The large floor to ceiling windows blasts sunlight well into the back of the shop, creating the perfect bright lighting for perfect pictures. Add in an exposed brick wall, all white theme with hints of greenery, white marble tables and a minimal ambiance. Seems like this place has checked everything off the Pinterest decor checklist. The main attraction is the bright and colorful plates, cups and perfectly curated food which contrasts with the all white interior. The place feels cozy, welcoming and perfectly made for millennials in mind.


The service was warm and helpful. Everyone was very efficient, accommodating and friendly. While we waited for our seats, the waiter warmly greeted us with a smile, then gave us a menu to look at while we waited. Although the place was jammed packed, we only had to wait about 10 minutes until we were seated. The ordering process is similar to a Panera Bread, where you would order at the cashier and given a number to place at your table. When the food is ready, the waiters bring out the utensils and food. Overall, great service and not snobby like how some other hipster places can be.


The food is beautifully plated which is surprising for a small and casual place. Their presentation elevates their brunch from a take out place to feeling like you’re dining at Colette Cafe. To be  honest, some of their items look a lot better than it tastes, but majority of their food is still quite tasty and enjoyable. My favorite is the eggs benedict. It is very unique from other egg benedicts I’ve tried and very scrumptious. They give the dish a unique spin by serving the eggs on crispy hashed potatoes instead of the traditional english muffin, and can I just point out that the hollandaise sauce is pink?!

My friend and I also shared the avocado toast which was topped with some dill, pomegranates and other herbs and garnishes. The center of the toast was very moist and soft, however the crust of the bread was too hard making it difficult to cut and chew. With a softer crust, I would have enjoyed this a lot more. Lastly, we also shared a breakfast bowl which includes savory porridge topped with avocado and a variety of seasonal vegetables and a poached egg. This was quite tasty, however I found the porridge kind of underwhelming and tasteless on it’s own. The poached egg and vegetables gave the dish some flavor, but not enough in my opinion. Most of the dishes are tasty, however nothing too memorable, with the exception of the eggs benedict, yum!


Yes! I would recommend this place to anyone looking to have a nice girl’s brunch or for a brunch date with their significant other. It’s a great and eclectic place to try at least once and the vibe, service and perfectly plated food makes it a fun experience.


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