Surprise Getaway To Collingwood

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Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing week so far! I’ve been crazy swapped this week with classes starting, work deadlines and trying to clean my house to prepare for the upcoming craziness of this semester. I don’t have a specific day I’m planning to post on the blog, but I am trying to be consistent with posting at least once per week!

Last weekend, my boyfriend surprised me with a glamorous stay-cation at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario. It was a much needed mini vacation for the both of us! The weekend was filled with tons of food, snowboarding and, most importantly, relaxation! It has always been a bucket list of mine to be able to stay at one of the hotels inside “the village” at Blue Mountain, and that’s exactly where we stayed! We stayed at a lovely bachelor suite in the heart of the village that came with a lovely seating area with views of the village, a fireplace and a mini kitchenette. The amenities also included ski valet and a heated pool and hot tub.

During the day, we spent most of the time snowboarding (yes, I surprisingly snowboard). I’m still a beginner, but I think the day went well because I barely fell! After a day of snowboarding, we headed back to our hotel room to get ready for dinner. My boyfriend let me choose the dinner spot, and I chose… Wild Wings! After a full day of snowboarding, I was completely starving and was really craving a pound of chicken wings (yum). After dinner, we got changed into our swimwear and spent the night chilling in the hot tub. We were planning to chill in the heated pool, but since it was -30 degrees that night, the pool didn’t feel warm enough! It felt lukewarm and it was hell stepping out of the pool, wet and barely clothed in -30 degree weather. Luckily, the hotel also had a hot tub where we stayed instead.

The next day, we slept in (which barely happens with our schedules nowaways!) which was amazing, especially since the bed was the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. After checking out of the hotel, we had a delicious brunch at the Sunset Grill before touring around the village then heading back to Toronto, just in time for my night class! It was a very short trip, but definitely a much needed getaway and I’m so lucky to have been surprised with this trip!

For those who haven’t been to Blue Mountain or who haven’t stayed at the hotels in the village, I definitely recommend it! Nothing beats waking up and looking out onto the village area while the snow is lightly falling with a cozy fireplace beside you.




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