How To Wear A Faux Fur Jacket

Every year, faux fur makes a come back in the fall and winter, especially the faux fur jacket! Inspired by Russian fashion, the faux fur jacket is bold and over-the-top glam! If you’re like me, I found the faux fur jacket trend intimidating to bring into my wardrobe. I love the look and think it looks so fashionable, but a bit confused on how to style and implement it into my wardrobe.

Another challenge was finding an affordable yet high quality faux fur jacket. Since it’s such a trendy piece, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. I’m also picky about the look and quality of the faux fur because I find some cheaper jackets look kind of tacky and feel cheap. I found this amazing ultra soft faux fur jacket at H&M for only $40! It’s currently on sale, down from $99 and I’m absolutely in love. The quality is amazing and the dark brown colour gives it that expensive luxe look while being animal friendly. I was originally looking for a black jacket to be on the safe side, but I actually think this dark brown colour looks more high end. I also like beige and light coloured jackets as well, but it’s a bit more bold for a starter fur jacket. Maybe if I’m getting the wear out of this one, I’ll think about adding a lighter coloured one as well!

If you’re unsure about how to style or choose this piece, here are some of checklist items I used to help me find the perfect easy to wear faux fur jacket!

1. Stick to neutral colours

Think beige, brown, pink and black. Even dark burgundy, emerald green and navy blue works for the fur jacket. As my first faux fur jacket, I wanted to avoid anything too bold or patterned, such as a leopard print. Although it looks super glam, it’s a bit more difficult to implement into my ultra feminine and soft wardrobe palette. Going for neutral colours makes it easier to mix and match for multiple outfits.

2. Textures and fabrics make the coat!

This is the one that I’m the most picky with! I find the fabric and quality of the fur is what differentiates tacky looking coats from high end looking coats. I wanted something that mimics the look of real fur, without actually being real fur and there are so many retailers, both high end and low end, that offer beautiful faux fur alternatives. High end stores such as Reiss tend to have higher quality faux fur coats, but there are also affordable options from Zara and H&M that look almost just as nice as well. My general rule is that if the quality is a bit questionable or the fabric feels a bit off, it’ll most likely look that way too. Whether you’re looking for an over the top fluffy coat or super soft conservative coat, the quality of the fur has to feel nice to the touch.

3. Choose the best length for you

The length of the coat is a personal decision and depends on the look and fit you’re looking for. I find super over-sized or cropped jackets to look very bold and fashionable, while ones that hit around the hip area to above the knee more wearable for everyday. I personally wanted one that I could comfortably wear with tights or a dress so it’d still keep me nice and warm during the winter.

4. Think about your current wardrobe

This is one of the most important steps in choosing the perfect faux fur coat! There are so many beautiful variations in the market, but it’s important to choose the one that you’re going to get the most wear out of. My wardrobe is fairly classic with some ultra feminine pieces so I wanted a coat that would mix and match with most of my clothes while staying consistent with my style and look.

5. Choose something you feel confident and comfortable in

Last but not least, choose something you’re comfortable with. I absolutely love trends and love staying on top of current fashions, but took my time implementing this trend. The faux fur jacket trend has been around for awhile, but I didn’t know if the piece worked for my style or look. For awhile I thought it was “too bold” for my taste, but every year, I’d always go back to lusting over the trend. This is true of every trend, and a great way to know whether something suits you is to start off small. Something like a faux fur scarf or vest is a great way to test out the waters without jumping straight into getting a jacket. And at the end of the day, maybe it doesn’t suit you at all and you want to fully scrap the look! It’s important to stay true to your personal style to feel the most confident!

Let me know if you’re loving the faux fur jacket trend! And if you have a faux fur jacket, vest or scarf, comment where you got yours in the comment section below!



Sweater – FOREVER 21 (old) – similar

Tights – ARITZIA

Jacket – H&M



Watch – MICHAEL KORS (old) – similar


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