Do What Makes You Happy

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Do you ever wonder if what you’re doing, actually makes you happy? Are your actions, way of thinking, and focus leading you to the life you want for yourself? Sometimes I feel like everyone is going with the motions, doing all these things like working towards “success” and being ambitious and progressive, but are all these things contributing to our happiness?

Something I’ve learned last year and I’m relentlessly holding true to my heart going forward, is doing things that truly bring me joy and happiness. This doesn’t just apply to career or relationships, but applies to every aspect of life. From something as small as staying true to my personal style (not really feeling the Kardashian trends), to doing things that bring me joy and letting go of expectations. A good example of this is my blog. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2014 and during the process, I kept trying to do all these things that weren’t true to myself. It’s things such as reading articles about what blog names “should” be, comparing myself to others within the industry and being self conscious about the engagement on my blog. Once I finally let go of all the expectations and “should be’s” and just started to blog out of my love for blogging and chose a blog name I felt comfortable with, that’s when I started to enjoy the process and genuinely wanted to be more consistent with it.

Although my blog is a small blog and I have only started to blog somewhat consistently within the last 6 months, I can honestly say I really enjoy it. Although there’s so much competition in the industry, although I barely compare in engagement to other bloggers and although I’m still learning about how to properly take pictures, edit photos, learning about SEO, Google Analytics and all that jazz, to be completely honest, I could care less. I honestly feel like when you’re so focused on doing things that bring you happiness, everything around it such as judgements, statistics and “should be’s” doesn’t matter as much anymore.

This idea applies to all aspects of life. Sometimes we’re all so busy living this fast paced life, trying to be the next Mark Zuckerburg or Evan Speigel, trying to look a certain way or trying to portray ourselves as slaying life by appearing super successful, entrepreneurial or whatever it is. On the flip side, if we’re not making strides towards what everyone else is doing, we then feel bad about ourselves or guilty about it. But, if it doesn’t bring us joy, why does it matter? The truth of the matter is, just do whatever brings your heart joy. If your happiness stems from working a comfortable 9-5 job, do it! If it comes from wanting to invent the next life-changing cryptocurrency, do it! If it comes from wanting to be a stay at home mom or dad and raising your kids in a cozy suburban neighbourhood, do it! At the end of the day, only we can define what happiness means to us and only we have the power to control and define the outcome of that in our lives.

So although the hours of work I put into maintaining my blog, planning posts and outfits, taking time out to take pictures, edit photos and create content takes countless hours for a small viewership to enjoy, it’s still something I hold close to my heart and will still continue to do regardless of what others think. Do all things that bring you happiness and I promise you, everyday will be a bit sweeter, brighter and happier!



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