A New Year & A Year Older

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. We’re already one week in the new year, I hope you’re all on top of sticking to your resolutions!

Every year, I always set the theme or goal for the year, which gives me a focus for the year ahead. 2016 was my “bad” year, starting the year off at the worst possible job ever, then dealing with the stress of my grandma’s passing and some personal drama. After that whirlwind year, I titled 2017 to be my “work” year, to make up for the goals I couldn’t accomplish in 2016. I finally found a job I’m content with and enjoy, I settled into my house and made some minor renovations. I studied in the first half of the year for the GMAT exam then spent the second half preparing for school and being in school. On top of that, I was also working on a couple of side projects and working part time on the weekends while balancing a full time job.

If there was a word to describe 2017, it would be “sacrifice”. I had to sacrifice a lot to accomplish some of my lifelong goals. I treated it like a transaction, like when you buy something at a store. In order to get ABC, I have to give up (or pay) XYZ. To be completely honest, I don’t necessarily feel thrilled or accomplished about everything that has been going on, it just feels like it’s something I’m supposed to do. I’d use “challenging” to describe 2017. I’ve faced and am still facing many challenges and obstacles. I knew there would be some challenges associated to some of the things I’m taking part in, but it was not in the way I thought it would be (not sure if that makes any sense!). For example, I knew there would be some personal challenges in the MBA program, but some of the things I thought would be challenging aren’t too bad, and then there were other factors that were challenging that I didn’t expect would be an issue. I wouldn’t describe these experiences as good or bad, it’s more “eye-opening” above all.

I’ve recently said farewell to my mid-20’s and have officially entered my late 20’s. My enthusiasm about it however is blah! Not so much because I’m growing older, I feel very lucky to be able to grow older! But it’s the pressure I’m putting on myself. I remember being in my late teens and early 20’s thinking “late twenties” was SO OLD and that I’d have everything in my life perfectly together by this time. In reality, I’ve realized that growing older just means having a better sense of self, and being an adult baby, possibly taking care of our own babies. But “age” aside, I can say that I am relatively content with where I am at the moment and the accomplishments I’ve worked hard to achieve last year.

During my 26th year of life, I think I’ve learned the most about myself and about what brings joy into my life. I think I have a better grasp on family and I’m a lot more confident and aware of my close circle of friends. Additionally, it’s been an incredibly transformative year for my relationship and I’ve really reflected and focused on my career and my future. Last year took “adulting” to a whole new level, where I was focused on real life priorities. Not just in terms of having a job and working, but my mentality, my perspective on family and friends, and my perspective on my relationship, career and life in general. I’ve learned me so much about my capabilities and limits as a person and it forced me to face some hard questions about myself. It was a tremendous year of growth and progression in all aspects of my life.

Although I’ll miss being in my mid 20’s and will have to accept that I’m an grown ass “woman” now (although I feel like a young girl in my head), I am looking forward to what being 27 has to offer. One thing I know for sure with the start of this new age is that I’m mentally where I want to be and I’m prepared to take on whatever this year has to offer me!

Here are some of my goals for this year:

1. Be consistent with exercising
2. Maintain a strict daily routine
3. Procrastinate less
4. Spend more time with my dog
5. Try to go to sleep earlier, everyday
6. Take the best care of myself
7. Be more timely with all routine checkups (dentist, doctor, etc)
8. Be consistent with my blog

… along with some other more specific personal goals I have for myself!

Looking forward, I’m hoping 2018 will be a “progression” year, finally reaping progress in the areas I’ve worked on in 2017. Whether that’s with career, school, relationship, family, taking better care of myself or continually trying to make myself a better person, I hope to see progression in all these areas. But progression is solely based on me continually working, so that’s something in 2017 that I’ll be bringing forward to 2018. Hopefully everything will be a lot more manageable since I’m getting used to the busy schedule and balancing everything.

What are some of your goals for 2018? Were you able to accomplish all your 2017 goals? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!



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