Thanksgiving in Quebec City

Over the Thanksgiving long weekend, my boyfriend and I took a much needed vacation to Quebec City for a few days. We haven’t taken any vacations together this year because we’ve been busy working and saving money, so we were very excited to take a mini break and indulge in the slow paced laid back European inspired city. Here is a roundup of some of the highlights of our trip!


1. Poutine

After an 8-9 hour drive from Toronto to Quebec City, we were starving! There’s nothing more Canadian than getting a poutine in Quebec City! I love poutine and the ones from Quebec are truly the best! We stopped by a rustic and hipster joint in the downtown area called “Poutineville”. I had the regular poutine and added braised slow cooked short ribs and mushrooms to it (I was starving and being a pig!). My poutine craving was super satisfied that day. We called it an early night and headed back to the Airbnb to rest up for the next day because we were exhausted from the drive and wanted to start the next day bright and early. (Top from Aritzia)


2. Le Croquembouche

In the morning we headed to a cute bakery in the downtown area. I wish we had more bakeries like these in Toronto! I definitely recommend coming here for a delicious cheap breakfast or snack. A must try is their almond croissant, honestly the best I’ve ever had. We liked it so much, we stopped by again to pick up another two for the ride back to Toronto.

It was a calming and cozy start to the morning. One of my all time favourite things to do is to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee while watching the rain. It was a lovely start to the day to be able to wind down and mindfully enjoy my breakfast and coffee in the morning!

3. Musée de la Civilisation

Since the forecast called for rain all morning, we decided to check out the Museum of Civilisation during this time. It’s a modern museum that showcases exhibitions about current trends and topics. We saw a vast Native American exhibit, a brain exhibit, an exhibit that looked like it came directly from Nuit Blanche and other cool displays as well.

4. Old Quebec & Petit Champlain  

After the rain stopped, we set out to explore old Quebec. A must see area of old Quebec is “Petit Champlain” which is one of the most picturesque areas the city has to offer. The staircase overlooks cute mom and pop pubs, cafes and restaurants while highlighting the colourful and historic buildings that surround you. It’s absolutely beautiful and a must see while in Quebec City.

5. Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame

We made another stop at the “Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame” which is an old church within Old Quebec. The picture makes the church appear a lot more grand than it actually is. It’s a small church located in the middle of Old Quebec and is a beautiful sight to see. We entered during mass so it was nice to peek into the service and to sit and admire the details of the building.

6. Château Frontenac

Another must see while in Quebec City is the gorgeous “Château Frontenac” and the boardwalk that surrounds it. I recommend taking a walk along the boardwalk during the day and at night! It has amazing views of the St.Lawrence River and of the cities across the river. There’s also local performances on the boardwalk that take place during the day. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting and touring the “Château Frontenac”. It’s absolutely stunning and made me wish I could own a castle to play out my childhood princess dreams! (Dress from Aritzia, Purse from Louis Vuitton, Sandals from Michael Kors)


7. Pillard

No one else does baked goods and brunch like the French do! A must visit in Quebec City is “Pillard”. It’s a large bakery located in Old Quebec. They offer a variety of baked goods, breakfasts and lunch options. For breakfast, we had some breakfast sandwiches, coffee and some pastries. I definitely recommend their croissant stuffed with Swiss cheese and ham then drizzled with hollandaise sauce, yum!

8. Citadelle of Quebec & The Plains of Abraham

After breakfast, we drove around to see the Plains of Abraham and the Citadelle of Quebec. Unfortunately, it was raining, so we didn’t actually step outside to walk around the Plains of Abraham, but just drove around the premises instead. This is where the battle between the British and the French took place, which resulted in Britain taking control of Canada. We also drove around the Citadelle of Quebec which is an active military base and also where the governor general resides. The place is a giant maze and the roadways into the base are not ideal for driving. We didn’t see too much of it because it was pouring rain, but driving around the base felt like we were lost in a castle’s fortress.

9. Montrency Falls

The highlight of the trip was visiting Montrency Falls. It’s a 20-30 minute drive from Quebec City in a small town closeby. From far the fall looks super small, but up close, it’s a wonder to be seen. The parks have well constructed walkways, bridges, staircases and boardwalks to admire the falls from all angles. The light rain and fog added to the magic of the falls, making it feel like I was in a thriller movie…or Twilight. (Trenchcoat from Aritzia (old), Jeans from Abercrombie (old), Shoes from Converse)

10. Chez Boulay

After an adventurous last day, my boyfriend and I went to a fancy restaurant in Old Quebec in end off our trip. We made reservations at Chez Boulay, a bistro which specialises in Canadian cuisine made with local ingredients. All the dishes we had were amazing and I definitely recommend trying this restaurant when you’re in Quebec City. My boyfriend had the meat cheek of the day (what they’re famous for), which is braised in organic red currant vinegar and served with roasted potato purée with camelina oil, glazed carrots and seared oyster mushrooms. I had the halibut in creamy wild rice with sunflower seeds, roasted green bean garnish and nordic shrimps. YUM! (Dress from Dynamite, Shoes from Payless (old), Purse from Louis Vuitton)


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