10 Fall Bucket List Ideas

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Hello Autumn! It is officially the start of fall! That means sweater weather, beautiful foliage and tons of PSL’s (pumpkin spice lattes)! One of the reasons I love living in Canada is being able to enjoy all four seasons. At the start of every season, I love to plan season related activities and I’ve already started a bucket list for fall. Here are my 10 autumn bucket list activities!

1. Make butternut squash soup

Nothing cures the chilly weather better than a hot cup of soup. I love eating hearty soups during the fall and I want to try making more homemade soups this season since it’s healthier and has less sodium than store bought ones. Butternut squash is one of my favourite soups. YUM!


2. Hiking at Dundas Peak

Hiking at Dundas Peak is one of my top priorities this fall. I attempted once but ended up going too late (only 2 hours before sunset) and parking on the opposite side of the trail, which would require a 2-3 hour hike before reaching the peak. It wasn’t a waste of a trip because I still got to check out some of the waterfalls, but this year, I’m determined to reach the peak!


3. Go foliage sightseeing

You haven’t experienced fall until you’ve seen the beautiful colours autumn has to offer. This is why I can’t live in homogeneous seasoned areas like California because I would miss these sights too much! I love seeing the colours of the trees change and it’s one of the most beautiful sights that nature has to offer.


4. Drink tons of pumpkin spice lattes

Yes I know, it’s overrated and basic and blah blah blah, but I genuinely really enjoy pumpkin spice lattes! Well, I enjoy pumpkin overall and fall is the best season for all pumpkin delicacies. This means pumpkin flavoured lattes, pumpkin soups and pumpkin pies (yum!)! It’s something that only occurs once a year like Christmas or Halloween so let me enjoy alright grumpy cats?


5. Get work done at a cozy coffee shop

I’ve always wondered how people who live in year-round summer climates manage to get anything done! I guess upper east side areas are very weather influenced because I find it hard to get anything done during the summer. With the changing of the seasons, it marks children heading back to school, the changing colours of the leaves and chillier weather. That’s the perfect combination for sitting in a toasty coffee shop and getting work done while sipping a warm coffee. It’s a relaxing way to unwind and get some work done too!

6. Celebrate Thanksgiving

Growing up Asian, my family didn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving or we’d have our own version (pho or hotpot anyone?). But my Canadian roots have influenced me to want to strive to celebrate it in a more traditional sense. I’m a huge sucker for holidays and I love the idea of making it extra special. I’ve attempted to make Thanksgiving dinner for the past few years and I hope with time my Thanksgiving cooking game will be on point! But food and festivities aside, I love the idea of having a day to give thanks for all the blessings in life.


7. Road trip to 1000 Islands/Montreal/Quebec City

Following up on point 6, unfortunately this year I will not be spending Thanksgiving at home since I’ll be away in Quebec City! Yay! After spending the summer working and studying, my boyfriend and I are looking forward to a much needed getaway. I have yet to properly visit Quebec City, so I’m looking forward to exploring the city! I absolutely love historic buildings and architecture so I’m very excited!


8. Buy discount candy the day after Halloween

I know I said I’m a sucker for holidays, but I do not really care for Halloween. I don’t like anything scary, creepy or spooky so celebrating a holiday that incorporates all those things is not for me. The only thing I enjoy about the holiday is all the candy. Others look forward to Halloween, while I look forward to the day after Halloween for the start of November and bundles of discounted candy!


9. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade

One of my lifelong bucket list to do’s would be to attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York City (sigh!). The parade coincides with the US Thanksgiving and Black Friday (triple win!). It’s insane, it’s outrageous, it’s crazy and it’s on my bucket list! So until that happens, I’ll be catching the warm fuzzy feelings from the parade on TV.


10. Carve a pumpkin

Lastly, I’m looking forward to pumpkin carving this year. Last year, my boyfriend’s pumpkin turned out a lot nicer than mine, so I’m looking to beat him this year! It’s also a fun creative activity with family and friends, so grab a pumpkin and get carving away!

I haven’t been able to fully indulge into my fall wardrobe because the weather has been unusually warm lately! Instead, I played on the season by wearing autumnal colours. This lightweight long sleeve dress is fall perfection in every way. The large flared sleeves, flattering flared silhouette, bow tie detailing and brown flowers scream autumn. I paired it with strappy sandals which are perfect for weekend outings and a faux suede moto jacket to layer on for chilly nights. I also added the Givenchy Nightingale bag for a luxurious bohemian vibe. I’d love to hear some of your fall plans in the comments below!



Jacket – ZARA (old) – similar

Heels – TOBI (old) – similar

Purse – GIVENCHY Nightingale Medium


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