To Each Their Own

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It is impossible to avoid social media updates about someone’s engagement, marriage, or baby #3! There are social deadlines at every stage in life. To be married by this age, get a promotion by this age, have kids by this age, retire by this age, and the list goes on. With social media instantaneously updating us every minute of the day, it’s hard not to compare yourself sometimes, especially when it seems like others are effortlessly getting things done at a much faster rate.

Just because someone doesn’t follow the mold, does that mean they’re weird or that we should feel sorry for them because they haven’t met the “timeline”? Everyone has their own unique journey as to how they’d like to live their life. I have some friends that are focused on having big families with 4-5+ kids, while others don’t plan to get married or have children at all. Why do people judge some who aren’t engaged/married yet? On the contrary, do we judge those that don’t pursue higher education or pity those who chose to backpack around the world by themselves?

As I get older and become more comfortable in my own skin, I’ve come to realize that the path I choose for myself, makes me happy. Growing up, I rarely had daydreams about finding prince charming or imagining the perfect wedding dress. I remember when I was 6, I was flipping through a business magazine and stopped at a picture of a woman dressed in a business formal suit, walking out of an airplane. I remember thinking “wow, I want to be just like her!”. Now, I realize that it was probably an ad for an airline, but regardless, I still remember how inspired and excited I felt looking at that photo.


To this day, I’m filled with that same feeling when I get a new project at work, study for a case study in school or when I plan the content for my blog. I never really pictured myself getting married or having kids until well into my 30’s or 40’s. Of course, never say never. I’m not saying that I’m opposed to it, but it’s not one of my priorities at the moment. I feel content and fulfilled working on projects that develop me professionally and personally. Does that make me weird?!

Everyone has their own unique timeline. Everyone has a different definition of what makes them happy or fulfilled. I am obsessed on living my life the way I want to and I definitely don’t want to settle because of pressures, timelines or expectations. So before making judge-y comments about someone else’s journey, let’s take off the “judgmental” hat, throw it out the window, and focus on living and building our own amazing life. What is meant to be will fall into place, so be patient, be kind and embrace your unique journey.

I love working in the retail and fashion industry because it allows me to be creative with my outfits! Here is one outfit I wore to work that I probably wouldn’t be able to get away with at a conservative office. I still like to stick to general office dress code rules to maintain professionalism. This means no shoulders, mini skirts, and other general office dress code rules. To be honest, this would probably be the “extent” to how experimental I would dress at my workplace because I still like to dress in a way where I would be taken seriously.

I’m still trying to get the most out of my summer clothes into the fall season. During these transition periods, it is difficult to dictate the weather, so I like to aim for somewhere in between. This long sleeve satin blouse is the perfect way to stay cool in the sun but also keep warm in the air conditioned offices. I paired the neutral blouse with these summery floral pants for instant glam. I love how the subtle mauve palette keeps the pants autumn appropriate. To dress up the casual style of the jogger pants, I wore fun cutout neutral sandals and a pearl necklace to dress up the outfit. Lastly, for my purse I used my plain black tote that I wear to work everyday.


Blouse – H&M (old) – similar


Heels – PAYLESS SHOES (old) – similar

Necklace – FOREVER 21 (old) – similar

Purse – INDIGO


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