The Next Chapter

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Summer rudely left without saying goodbye (I’m left with no closure…rude much?) and fall arrived like the guest that came an hour too early. Whether we’re prepared or not, the weather is changing. Although some may be complaining about the chilly weather and the end of summer, I couldn’t wait for summer to end!

For starters, I didn’t do too much this summer. Most of the time, I was working, and while I wasn’t working, I was studying for the GMAT, so it didn’t leave much free time left. Even after I finished writing the test, I only enjoyed two weeks of summer then I had to sort out my finances, plan my work schedule, clean my house and attend mandatory sessions and orientations before the start of school. This doesn’t even count in all the things I wanted to work on with the blog and other projects I have lined up (sorry I’ve been so m.i.a lately!).

All these changes feel overwhelming sometimes and it definitely takes a bit of adjustment to switch from only working to now juggling being a student and working full time. I essentially threw away the very little time I had for a social life or hobbies (sigh). Although all these priorities keeps me super busy and strapped for time, I much rather be busy working towards my dreams than have too much time on my hands! Thinking back to the time when I felt frustrated and stagnant in my life is the reminder and justification I need to stay focused.

I feel immensely grateful for my family and friends who have cheered me on and supported me while I was studying and preparing for school. It also helps to have a partner who has the same goals and is on a similar path as me! From paying off our OSAP loans, paying for school/designations and saving for the future, it hasn’t left much for vacations and weekend nights out. But on the bright side, we’ve become more creative on ways to spend time with each other (i.e. Groupon, free events, cooking nights at home, etc.)

I’ve learned that life involves sacrifices sometimes. If I don’t sacrifice now, I may be sacrificing later on. Sometimes I’ll have to accept cases of “fomo” and not having the newest trends or giving up my love of being a foodie to save money. I’m not going to lie and make it seem like I have it all and that I’m this picture perfect person who’s achieving my goals, travelling the world and wearing luxury brands. The truth is I’m not. I’m spending most of my time at work or at home working some more. It may not be the most “Instagram” worthy or exciting, but I know that it’s okay. I’ve learned to appreciate the struggle and the challenges as a crucial part of the journey to success.

So despite not travelling the world, not owning the newest trends or not having tried the newest restaurants, I can honestly say I feel the most liberated, focused and excited than I’ve ever been before. I’m really excited for school (I know it sounds so nerdy), I’m excited to continue working towards my dreams, and I’m excited for what the future has to offer. Cheers to the next chapter!


Top – TOBI

Jeans – ABERCROMBIE & FINCH (old) – similar

Wedges – PAYLESS (old) – similar

Purse – FURLA Julia – similar


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