How To Transition Summer Pieces Into Fall

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With the official summer season coming to an end (although it doesn’t feel like it!), comes a whole new wardrobe. But, for most of us, spending hundreds for a whole new wardrobe is not ideal. I might pick up a few pieces here and there just to stay up to date, but majority of the time my entire wardrobe carries with me year round. If you’re like me and can’t seem to walk away from some of your favourite summer pieces, check out some tips on how to carry some of your summer items into the fall season.

1. Layer

The easiest way to wear some of your favourite summer dresses or tops is by layering it with knit cardigans, sweaters, and blazers. Try opting for neutral fall tones for an autumnal feel with deep beige and tan colours.  Throw a cardigan or a sweater over almost anything for an instant layer of warmth for those chilly fall evenings.

2. Boots

Store away the sandals and whip out the boots! During warmer days, try pairing your outfits with cutout boots and colder days opt for ankle or over-the-knee boots. One of my favourite to-go outfits would be pairing a ruffle dress with over the knee boots.

3. Autumnal Colours

To add to point 1, focus on re-wearing summer items that could pass for having an autumnal feel. Deep hued pinks and purples look great with black or grey. Keep the overall palette a bit more rich and stray from pastels. Think burgundy, mauve, olive, tan, browns, greys and navy. For a pop of colour and brightness, try mustard yellow and cream.

4. Outerwear

Throw a suede moto jacket on any outfit and instantly look fall ready. Outerwear is a great way to wear summer clothes while keeping warm and dressing season appropriate. Toughen up feminine summer dresses with a suede or leather jacket. Have a tank top or a summer blouse? Throw a fur vest or a waterfall trench coat over the outfit for an instant glam autumn look.

5. Pantyhose

One of my favourite go to essentials for the autumn season! It allows me to wear all of my favourite short hemmed summer favourites during the fall and adds a conservative element to the outfit too. It goes great with rompers, dresses, shorts and mini skirts for an instant fall feel. Look great without freezing those legs!

Have your own tips you’d like to share? I’d love to read some in the comments below!


Dress – DYNAMITE (old) – similar

Boots – ZARA (old) – similar

Purse – BROWNS SHOES (old) – similar

Hat – ASOS


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