A Date With Myself

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 There’s an episode of Friends, when a guy thought Rachel was “so weird” for eating by herself in a restaurant. I am totally guilty of this! I’ve eaten by myself at coffee shops, food courts and even dine-in restaurants (Pickle Barrel to be exact!). Some may see it as a lonesome activity, but I actually enjoy it! I find it no different than staying at home for a night-in. What if I want to go out instead? Should I hold off on going out to enjoy a delicious meal just because I don’t have “company” with me?

Just like I would on any date, I’d get dressed up, pick a nice restaurant and dine to my heart’s content. I remember on one occasion, a fellow approached me and told me I had a “great appetite”! The only difference between this and any other date, is that the company I’m with is myself. To be truthfully honest, I much rather enjoy my own company than have a forceful conversation with someone else. Aside from what other people might think or the social stigma with dining alone, I believe the scariest part for most people is having to spend time with themselves.

…the scariest part for most people is having to spend time with themselves

And so, just like any other date, the assessment starts. When assessing the date, you generally have a good idea if you’re having a good time or not. You notice things like if the person has a sense of humor, if they’re judgmental, if they’re articulate or if they’re negative. However, when you go on a date with yourself, that assessment turns inward. Do I enjoy my own company? Do I find myself pleasant to spend time with? Would I want to go on a second date with myself? Nobody wants to think of themselves in a negative light, and I think that’s why spending time alone is so scary. It forces you to be in a position to face some hard questions and realizations (some that we are subconsciously already aware of).

I honestly feel that an integral part of every relationship (friendship, relationship, family dynamics, etc.) all starts from within. Only we can complete ourselves and truly make ourselves happy. Everything else around us is merely an extension or contributor to our lives. But at the end of the day, it is our self love, self respect and outlook that comes from within us and shines outwards into our daily lives and relationships. I challenge you to put aside some time to have coffee/lunch/dinner by yourself and let me know how it went in the comments below!


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