Finding Focus

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Ocean breeze, salty waters and humidity so moist, nothing feels dry. It’s the ideal mix to escape from the bustling city life and slow down. 2017 started difficultly as mounting responsibilities, relationship turmoils and unclear goals lead to a lost sense of self. In the beginning of the year, I took some time to refocus. It was essential time I needed to distance myself from relationships, social media and other aspects of my life within my control. It was a time to reevaluate my goals and see whether my habits and actions were leading me where I wanted to go.

I felt like I was doing things blindly. Although I had all these great goals and aspirations running in my head, I didn’t have a concrete plan or the right type of focus to deliver. I was too focused on trying to push out results, but kept looking back unsatisfied with the quality or the execution. I was too busy living in the future, and not focusing on the present. Without a true sense of self and being conscious in the present, it hindered me from being able to fulfill my hopes and aspirations.

It was a time to ask myself some difficult questions.

Whether it was my career, my relationships, my blog or my goals, it all came down to my perspective and mindfulness. It was a time to ask myself some difficult questions. Why do I want to do this? Am I doing this for the right reasons? What do I hope to gain from this experience/goal? This time to myself forced me to slow down and evaluate my surroundings and decisions. I was determined to not allow myself to “return to normal life” until I felt a sense of purpose and focus. I wasn’t looking to have a detailed concrete plan, I was looking for a bit of self realization and mindfulness that would allow me to ease into whatever path I would eventually choose.

I may not know exactly where I’ll end up and how the future will be, but I can move forward with confidence in knowing I’m in the right kind of mindset to make the best decisions that I can for myself and my future. This time also allowed me to refocus and think about my blog again. I realised I was inconsistent because I was doing it for the wrong reasons. So this is the renewal. This is something I’m doing for myself as I find it to be a calming hobby and a great way for me to share a bit of an artistic side. There’s no better way to relaunch then to simplify the process and to showcase my true self (hence the name!)

Sometimes we’re too busy planning and living for tomorrow that we forget today. We forget to focus on the blessings we have now. We keep planning to earn more, gain more and have more tomorrow. Life is short and living for tomorrow too much makes life fly by even faster. Slow down, trust the process, trust yourself and enjoy the journey because this moment will soon become a memory.

This weekend I took some much needed time off to visit family. It was wonderful being able to escape to St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA and relax. The salty waters and hot winds called for a cool tropical outfit. The whimsical cutouts of this tropical romper was the perfect way to stay cool. I recommend visiting St. Simons if you’re looking for an off the map beachfront to relax! It’s a great way to disappear for awhile and explore a quaint small town vacation destination.


ROMPER – TOBI (old) – similar



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